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Shareholder Structure


The major shareholder has more than 40 years experience in consulting, engineering and manufacturing of melting (EAF,VIM,..) and refining equipment (LF,RH,VD/VOD,VAD,VAR,...) for the worldwide ferrous and nonferrous industries.
Further more than 25 years expertise in the casting sector and among others in engineering, "come-to-life" development and production of complete refractory-related systems like lining devices, gas coupling and stirring, state-of-the-art gunning and sampling manipulators and flow control systems.
INTECO furthermore has got references in plant engineering and process automation for a leading refractory manufacturer.


With the people acting at KMC - Krabb Management Consulting - senior management expertise from many years working in the international refractory business and other industrial fields is added to ART. KMC also supports on operational marketing and sales level and project management.

Minority shareholders provide further senior management skills in refractory for ART.

A. Puntigam is working as ART Manager

Linking the competencies

The conjunction of melting, casting and refractory technologies