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General Manager

Dipl.Ing. Axel Puntigam, MBA

After apprenticeship and works as metallurgist at Brandenburg Steelworks (GER) and after the studies of Iron- & Steeltechnologies at the TU Mining Academy Freiberg (Saxonia/GER) Axel started his carrier as application engineer and product manager at a leading refractory company in year 1996.

Until 2007 the 11 years of operational and central marketing functions (i.e. systems solutions, e-business, FLS/innovative services, communications) gave him great insight into innovation opportunities of supplier-customer interactions in terms of refractory products and refractory management processes.

Apart from own industrial marketing & consultancy services - since the foundation of ART in March 2011 Axel has full-time responsibilty as General Manager and shareholder.

T:  +43 (0) 3862 53 110-165
M: +43 (0) 664 200 3972
F:  +43 (0) 3862 53844
E: office@ART-reftech.com
I:  www.ART-reftech.com