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BOF Gunning Maintenance

In the fields of Oxygen Converters (BOF) two contrary refractory philosophies exist. On one hand excessive “slag splashing” leads to vessel campaigns of up to 30.000 heats - but makes efficient bottom stirring fairly impossible. The subsequently increased secondary metallurgical effort (degasser) is a cost aspect wich must be added to desired cost savings by means of splashing.

On the other hand the “clean steel” philosophy with metallurgically needed bottom stirring and moderate slag coating achieves BOF vessel life times from 2.500 up to 4.500 heats. Here the hot repair of partially worn refractory by means of refractory gunning mixes is a common practice.

Following the “clean steel” philosophy TBR developed the most powerful high-end gunning manipulator that enables steelworkers to optimize the slag/refractory effort and to extend BOF campaigns while keeping the bottom stirring in operation. Even steel works with slag splashing today possibly could take a move to bottom stirring and gunning maintenance into account.
Among others minimized BOF downtimes for each gunning procedure, extended BOF operation cycles between the gunning actions and minimized vessel relining downtimes at all and not least metallurgical efficiency are the countable benefits.

The TBR gunning manipulator proved its performance at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH, Germany in October/November 2009.